Saturday, September 20, 2008

Open Letter to Hon. Sarah Palin

The following letter was posted by registered airmail and sent via E-mail on 20 September 2008.

Dear Governor Palin:

I strongly support your right to not use birth control, to oppose sex education for your children, to carry a Down Syndrome embryo to term, and to have a career while raising a family. I do this as a founding mother of the current feminist movement, a mother of two, grandmother of four, great-grandmother of one.

In support of our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, which grant citizens the legal means to debate and resolve fundamental disagreement within the Rule of Law, I defend your legitimate right to seek repeal or amendment of current laws and to enact new ones that would change the status quo—a status quo that once:

  • Denied women the right to vote;
  • Denied women access to education;
  • Prohibited both men and women from access to birth control measures that would prevent unwanted pregnancies;
  • Gave women no choice over whether to carry an embryo to term, even in cases of incest or rape;
  • Failed to hold men accountable for children they fathered;
  • Destroyed or tainted the reputation of a woman who had sex outside of marriage, but not the reputation of her male partner;
  • Prohibited legal sanction of marriage between people of different races;
  • Banned teaching of Darwinian evolution in elementary schools;
  • Blocked civil service employment and most civil rights to homosexuals and lesbians; and
  • Banned from public libraries books disapproved of by pressure groups.

Governor Palin, it is my understanding that YOU seek, or have sought, to:

  • Prohibit sex education being taught in schools;
  • Repeal laws that allow women the right to use birth control, including the “morning-after” pill, even in cases of incest or rape;
  • Ban from public libraries books that do not conform to your religious and/or political beliefs;
  • Seek to have Creationism taught alongside Darwinism in public schools.

If I have misunderstood your positions on the above, please correct me. Also, please inform me of your position regarding:

  • Enforcement of equal pay to women for equal work?
  • Provision of social and economic support for unwed or single mothers?
  • Establishment of affordable and freely accessible child care?
  • Enactment of legislation to ensure maximum Social Security retirement benefits for women who are stay-at-home mothers?
  • Rigorous enforcement of a man’s responsibility to provide monetary support for any and all children he fathers?
  • Provision of universal health care, including maternity care, for all U.S. citizens?
  • Strengthening and expansion of public education?
  • Free or low-cost tuition for higher education?
  • Re-institution of inheritance taxes (currently mislabeled as “death taxes”)?
  • Provision to renters of the same State and Federal tax write-offs now given to home-buyers, thus enabling renters to save down payments for homes?
  • Banning excessive profiteering by manufacturers of military weapons?
  • Banning arms sales by U.S. citizens to currently proclaimed terrorist organizations?
  • Blocking the sale of guns without strong background checks on potential buyers?
  • Rescission of the 1999 Gramm-Leach-Bliley Financial Services Modernization Act that abolished firewall regulations which formerly governed transactions between commercial banks, insurance companies, securities firms and investment institutions?
  • Citing and fining commercial and agricultural businesses that hire illegal immigrants?
  • Abolition of trade agreements that permit U.S. businesses to close facilities here and re-establish them in countries where workers’ rights and wages undercut those guaranteed in the United States?
  • Sanction the right of trade unions to organize workers?
  • Granting overseas professionals work permits that will greatly reduce or abolish jobs for similarly qualified U.S. citizens?
I am a U.S. citizen currently residing in the Republic of Ireland. I will be voting in the November 2008 election via absentee ballot. Therefore, Governor Palin, I respectfully await your response prior to Wednesday, October 24, 2008 to enable sufficient time to return my absentee ballot.

Margie Bernard


Anonymous said...

enjoyed your letter to governor palin.have you received a reply yet.I too am an american citizn living in ireland and will be mailing my absentee ballot this week and i certainingly WILL NOT VOTE for Sarah Palin

anna Mae said...

Go Margie, my heroine, made my day, feel less alone on this long branch1