Thursday, June 18, 2015

King John Might Envy President Obama   :   Information Clearing House - ICH

King John Might Envy President Obama   :   Information Clearing House - ICH

 From the Article: 

By Sheldon Richman

June 17, 2015 "Information
Clearing House
" -
"King John of England, who 800 years ago this
week was forced at Runnymede to affix his Great Seal to

Magna Carta
— which at least in theory subordinated his power to
law — might have envied President Obama.

       "Sure, Obama also pays lip service to idea that the
executive is subject to law. But what happens when he acts like an
autocrat? Nothing. King John had to contend with rebellious
barons who resisted his taxes to finance losing wars and other
impositions. Obama has no effective opposition to contend with. He
is free to fight wars as he pleases, never needing to worry that he
might be deprived of the revenues he needs to engage in his
far-flung killing.

      "Observe what Obama is up to in the Middle East.

     " Marissa Taylor and Jonathan Landay of McClatchy

, “As U.S. military operations against the Islamic State
approach the one-year mark, the White House has failed to give
Congress and the public a comprehensive written analysis setting out
the legal powers that President Barack Obama is using to put U.S.
personnel in harm’s way in Iraq and Syria.”

     "That’s right. Obama has been at war with the
Islamic State for a year, and his administration won’t even do us
the courtesy of spelling out his legal authority in detail. Lately,
Obama has been intensifying his intervention in the areas that were
formerly part of Syria and Iraq. He’s setting up a new base in
Iraq’s Anbar province, which the Islamic State largely holds, and
he’s increased the number of so-called advisers and trainers. The
force that we know of is up to about 3,500."

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