Tuesday, January 04, 2011

World Press Challenge

Due to the fact that I've been neglecting my Blog for awhile, I have decided to take up the World Press challenge to post a blog a week during 2011.

For this past several months most of my political time has been spent working with others at the Democratic Party Committee Abroad to modify our By-Laws Committee draft revised by-laws. A time-consuming, engaging and worthwhile effort. I'm doing this in my capacity of Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad Ireland.

Presently I am enjoying the end of my three-week break as facilitator of Derry Playhouse Writers which meets every Wednesday at The Playhouse in Derry, N. Ireland. www.derryplayhousewriters.org

My main concern is the economic decline of the U.S. which has affected by family with both unemployment and under utilizing the talents, skills and experience of both of my two sons, Don and Mark, and my Daughter-in-Law Janet. Don has been unemployed for over 99 weeks and his Tier 5 wasn't included in the Congressional extension of unemployment benefits so he is in dire straights unless he finds employment immediately. Janet received an extension and thankfully Mark is still employed but at a salary less than half of what he once earned.

So, let this be the first of fifty-one more weekly blogs during this year.

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