Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dirge for Pinochet

Celebrate Pinochet’s Death!
Yet mourn its injustice
that denied his appearance
before a Chilean Court.

A trial where all is exposed:
The murders of Salvador Allende,
Orlando Letelier, Ronni Moffitt, Rodrigo Rojas
his victim’s names roll off my tongue.

My voice chants names of the disappeared,
those thousands buried under Chilean soil
red with their blood.

My ears ring with Canto Libre.
A song by Victor Jara whose
guitar strumming fingers were severed
by soldiers in Santiago’s stadium.

My eyes weep for my country’s soul;
assassinated by Nixon and Kissinger
who planned, financed and supported
Pinochet’s rape of Chile’s democracy.

Margie Bernard
12 December 2006

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